Moments in Time

by Mind Monogram

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Written and Recorded by Edgar A. Ruiz
Mixed and Mastered by Richard Delgado
Cover art by Julian Keith


released March 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Mind Monogram Los Angeles, California

Mind Monogram have released 3 E.P.’s Moments in Time (2015), Maüs (2016) and Interwebs (2016).

The band has followed up with their Debut Album “A.M. in the P.M.” via Aagoo Records.

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Track Name: (King & the Pawn) In Conversation
I know...what its like. Can you tell?...can you tell?
moments in time, So divine
The Pawn:
I want to know, how many tried?...say it ain't so
(laughs) Ha-Hahaha
The Pawn:
(surely) its another mistake
(laughs) Ha-Hahaha
The Pawn:
Track Name: Mere Reflection
In the middle of July, I knew
the beginning of your life, I knew
...and all these twisted measures
...are just a mere reflection.
Track Name: Through the Looking Glass
I was in your eyes,
its a long ways to hide.
"Ha-Ha!" she said
"Oh No" she said
"Hide! Hide!"
I lost my mind
she said "Hide! Hide!"
I lost my mind
Track Name: Glass Chamber
So you've got it all figured out?
Well you've gotta make ends meet on your own
and you've got the days counted up
well you've got to pack your bags, then you'll go.

Sinking like a fish made of stone, no you ain't coming back
and everybody knows, yeah everybody knows

And you say that you're feeling stuck
& you're gonna push the odds on your luck
Well, you know the ship hasn't sunk
but you better hold on tight to your dreams

Sinking like a fish made of stone, no you ain't coming back
and everybody knows, yeah everybody knows
Track Name: In Layers
Wake up, take the time to notice all the little things
won't you? open up your mind and let the day in.

If you let your mind stay clouded you will never be.
Questions, never come with answers so you'll never know
So I, never turn my back I only look ahead
stay true, you're the only one who'll make it so.
Track Name: (The Pawn) Goodbye
The Pawn:
"They've got me cornered now,
guess this is my goodbye.
And as I've fallen off
I hear my mother cry..."